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EternalAzure's Reviews

EternalAzure reviews Heavy Rain (PS3)

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EternalAzure said...

If you can't get behind the story of a game (especially if it starts out slow) then just don't even try it. But for everyone else this is a MUST play game. The start is very very slow but you will get immersed in the world of Heavy Rain. I only played through it once but that one time was one of the best and most original games I've every played.

Game Traits applied to Heavy Rain (PS3) by EternalAzure

  • The Setting:
  • Playing As:
  • Playing Against:
  • How it's Played:
    Consequence driven, Interactive Story
  • General Tone:
    Intriguing Story, Suspense
Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain (PS3)

Genre/Style: Adventure/First-Person Adventure
Release Date: 24/FEB/10
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